Pick Up/Drop Off Routine

We have almost 600 families with students attending our school. We need everyone’s cooperation so that the Kiss’n’Ride can run smoothly and safely for all. Above all, be patient when entering the Kiss’n’Ride. If you are in a hurry, do not enter. Accidents happen when people are in a hurry and upset. Thank you for not blowing horns and for being respectful towards other parents and school staff.

The Kiss & Ride Program is intended for parents who are dropping off or picking up their child/children. Parents and caregivers are not to park their car and leave it unattended. If you want to walk your child to the playground entrance, we ask that you park your car on the street as there is limited parking in the lot. We need to ensure that staff can park so that they can enter the school in a timely fashion in order to be ready to receive the students.

For parents who wish to drop off kindergarten students, the curb near the kindergarten yard is marked with blue paint, indicating that this is the drop off for kindergarten children. Do not stay longer than a few minutes. Simply walk your child to the gate, wish your child a good day and return immediately to your car and pull out. This will enable other kindergarten parents the same opportunity.

Children from grade 1 to 8 may be dropped off at the loop behind the section designated for kindergarten. In an effort to make drop off and pick up as orderly and safe as possible, we ask that drivers please respect the following rules:

  1. Obey the road rules, cross walks, and speed limits.
  2. Have your child/children enter and exit your car on the curb side of the loop.
  3. Don’t stop or park on the loop close to the street, north of the kindergarten drop off area.
  4. The Kiss & Ride area is one way.
  5. Your child should have their backpack on their lap to enable them to exit the car quickly on the sidewalk side.
  6. Do not leave your car parked or unattended.
  7. Do not stop in either lane of the loop to talk to someone in another car.
  8. Be patient. If you cannot do that, do not enter the Kiss’n’Ride.

Please note that these rules apply to the Kiss & Ride area on both sides of the school. The Bylaw officer has been informed of this process and will be issuing tickets to drivers who do not comply with the procedures outlined. The school is not responsible for any tickets or if your vehicle is towed.

We realize that parking on the streets is challenging for parents and therefore we would like to provide some alternative transportation suggestions:

  • Parking on Monteith Crescent. There is a walkway from that street which leads through the park directly south of the school.
  • Park on Princeton Gate.
  • Walking. Try the “Human Bus.” One parent up front and one parent at the rear of the group, children walking in between. Pick up your friends along the way.
  • Use friends’ and neighbours’ driveways near the school, if they give you their permission.
  • Carpool. Arrange to help each other with pick up/drop off.
  • Discuss pick up/drop off routines with your children and be flexible with solutions as change is required.
  • Families with more than one child can help their children to organize a designated “pick up spot.”

Without your help and cooperation this initiative cannot succeed. Thank you in advance for assisting us to keep all our students safe.